About me

I am a keen photographer based in the North East of England, on the Co. Durham Northumberland border. I have recently taken retirement from my job of 30 years and I’m now starting out on a Photography career. I have set up  George Ledger Sports Photography which is a sports photography company based in the North East of England and will provide a full UK coverage. However despite concentrating on Sports Photography, I still enjoy taking all  types of photographs and point my camera at most things, wildlife, landscapes etc etc. even Portraits and Weddings. I still get a great buzz from covering a wedding and getting to share a special day with the Bride and Groom and their friends and family. I intend to develop the things I have done before but also try out new photographic techniques and try as many new fields as possible.

The main reason for this blog is to record my personal photographs taken for me. Sometimes taken when I’m out and about by myself sometimes when in company with other photographers and more importantly friends. I hope to keep the subject matter varied and interesting and will no doubt include a few images from sporting events I visit and weddings and portrait sessions I undertake.

Please feel free to join in my exploits and give me the benefits of your knowledge and success and help me learn from your mistakes. I hope that some of you will help me but above all I hope that you all enjoy my experiences.

Thanks and lets get started……..


Visit my websites to view more images or learn a little more about me:-

George Ledger Photography


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