Just call me Mr. Ledger ARPS

I received a nice email this morning from those nice people at the Royal Photographic Society. They wrote to inform me that they had just made me an Associate Member of the R.P.S. and will be sending me a badge and certificate to prove it.

This has taken me more years than I thought it would but the sense of pride and recognition feels very good.PortfolioContactSheet-001

I gained my A.R.P.S. in the Professional and Applied Section and involved submitting 15 images for assessment. This section is defined as – ‘photography which has a specific end purpose or use. This by definition includes all professional photography as well as many other disciplines such as; documentary, portraiture, theatrical, record, architectural, wedding, visual journalism, astronomy and palaeontology’. As well as submitting the photographs I also had to include a ‘Statement of Intent’ outlining what the images are and why I submitted them, they are then judged against the statement to make sure I met my own criteria.

My Statement read –

‘I am a professional sports photographer, and cover a wide range of sports at all levels including sports portraiture.

Each sport I cover has its own technical issues which influence my choice of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. These issues, which must be taken into account covers such things as whether it is played inside or out, either natural sunshine or artificial lights or good or inclement weather conditions. However, I always seek to capture the power, technique and concentration that is required by those athletes taking part.

All sport is about winning and the pleasure that brings, however the flip side of this is the loosing and the heartache and dejection that is inflicted.

As part of my agency commitments I have to send my completed processed jpgs to my clients from pitch-side using FTP, this is the main reason for submitting my application in PDI form.’

In addition, I also received a second email asking me if the RPS could showcase my panel on their website, to inspire prospective applicants. So check out the R.P.S. home page in the near future to see my full panel but if you can’t wait . . . . .


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One Response to Just call me Mr. Ledger ARPS

  1. LesCyclops@aol.com says:

    Great news George, congratulations! I am in the final stage of presenting my lowly LRPS to Bath. kind regards Les Lewis.

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