More snow before the big thaw starts!

Saturday saw me make a very quick trip to the seaside on a ride out with my parents. They had been stuck in the house for over a week due to the snow, so I thought a trip to the coast would would give them a breather from the white stuff – WRONG!

First stop was St. Mary’s lighthouse at Whitley Bay, and a view of the snowy beach. When we walked over the causeway I was surprised to see snow still lying on some of the rock pools and on the island itself.

Then onto Tynemouth and the famous Longsands beach. It was amazing to see all of the sand still covered by snow apart from the bit that had been washed by the tide.

Well it was a short visit and no respite from the wintry weather but at least they managed a walk along the sea front without having to wade through the snow-drifts at home. The weather forecast states its going to thaw tomorrow and all of the snow will be gone – I will be surprised if its all gone but it will be nice to see a little bit of green in the landscape.

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